About Us

Relabbed: Your Sustainable Equipment Solution Provider

At Relabbed, we specialize in offering sustainable solutions for all your relabbing needs in the United Kingdom. But we're more than just a solution provider – we're here to support you every step of the way.

For our disposing clients, we go above and beyond by purchasing excess and redundant equipment. We offer many services, including single items, full lab clearance, clinical trial closeout, lab moves, and certified decontamination. Not only does this help you support your drive towards achieving net zero emissions, but it also allows you to monetize your dead assets. Plus, we even offer the option to donate items to our charity partners, making a positive social impact within your organization.

But that's not all. For our acquiring clients, we've created a cutting-edge Global Online shop where you can find the highest quality laboratory equipment at the lowest whole-life costs. We understand the importance of maximizing the efficient use of your limited financial resources, and our online shop helps you do just that. And the best part? We supply globally, so even communities needing affordable lab equipment can benefit from our services.

Choose Relabbed as your trusted partner and discover a world of sustainable solutions for all your relabbing needs. We're confident that our expertise and commitment to quality will exceed your expectations. Contact us today, and let us help you make a positive impact while maximizing your resources.

Our Mission

To provide the UK Scientific and Testing Industries with Outstanding Relabbing Services that support sustainability, reduce emissions and maximise efficient use of financial resources.


Our Vision

To be the premier supplier of Relabbing Services in the UK. Supporting our disposing clients drive to Net Zero and monetizing redundant equipment. Aiding acquiring clients improve Financial Health by providing the highest quality used laboratory equipmenty with outstanding low whole life costs