Clinical Trial Close Out Ethical, Sustainable and Financial Solutions

What happens to your Clinical Trial Equipment at Close Out of the Trial?

Equipment used in clinical trials is often High Value and High Quality, which has only been used for a tiny percentage of its design life. Too often, this fully functional equipment has plenty more to offer but is destroyed at the end of a trial. This destruction could be a financial mistake and is not environmentally sustainable. Relabbed provides equipment disposal solutions to support pharmaceutical, biotechnology, CROs, and ancillary management clients when closing a trial.

Destroying fully functional clinical or lab equipment is not sustainable. Instead, let us help you:

Ensure Certified Decontamination: Eliminate any risks and liabilities associated with your equipment by allowing us to handle the certified decontamination process.

Stop Monthly Storage Fees: Quickly transfer your equipment to us and start saving.

Avoid Costly Destruction Fees: Certified destruction fees can be shockingly high, sometimes even matching the original purchase price of the equipment.

We can relieve you of this burden.

Remove Insurance Costs and Risk: Say goodbye to insurance costs and the risk of loss associated with keeping unused equipment.

Receive a Fast Cash Transfer: Once we receive and inspect your equipment, we'll provide a cash transfer within days.

Promote Sustainability and Social Impact: By working with us, you'll support sustainability efforts and make a positive social impact.

Discover the Residual Value of Your Equipment. Some of the products we commonly work with, which often still hold significant value, include:

  • Centrifuges
  • ECG machines
  • Freezers, including Ultra Low-Temperature Freezers
  • Incubators
  • Infusion Pumps
  • Ophthalmology Equipment
  • Refrigerators

Even for lower-value products without a resale market, we can assist with certified decontamination and functionality checks, making them suitable for donation to charitable organisations.

Don't let your clinical trial equipment go to waste. Contact us today to unlock its full potential and enjoy the benefits of working with a trusted partner.

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Our Mission

To provide the UK Scientific and Testing Industries with Outstanding Relabbing Services that support sustainability, reduce emissions and maximise efficient use of financial resources.


Our Vision

To be the premier supplier of Relabbing Services in the UK. Supporting our disposing clients drive to Net Zero and monetizing redundant equipment. Aiding acquiring clients improve Financial Health by providing the highest quality used laboratory equipmenty with outstanding low whole life costs